ejewishphilanthropy.com post on boomer use of social media

Check out this post by ejewishphilanthropy.com on the increased usage by older adults  (50+) of social media. Although far fewer over 50 are using social media than the younger generations, the rate of increase is staggering.  The article highlights that:

  1. Between April 2009 and May 2010, social networking use among internet users ages 50-64 grew by 88% – from 25% to 47%.

  2. During the same period, use among those ages 65 and older grew 100% – from 13% to 26%.

  3. By comparison, social networking use among users ages 18-29 grew by 13% – from 76% to 86%.

This usage bodes well for Skilled Volunteers for Israel’s ability to connect to older adults through social networking sites such as facebook and LinkedIn as we attract, promote and recruit skilled volunteers and volunteer opportunities.  Social media can also provide the platform to build and enhance the relationships between SVFI, the non-profits and the volunteers into a network eco-system.

check out the full article.

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