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November 17 2022 News for You!

Updated: Apr 2

Upcoming Learning Opportunities: The Israeli High Tech Sector - An overview Join us on Sunday, November 20 at 12:00 pm ET for an encore presentation by EBY tutor Julie Kuntsler. Julie works in high tech and has experience in the field in Israel and North America. She'll present her perspectives and why English is so critical to success. This session will be recorded. Session Link

Zoom Meeting ID: 867 1386 2223 Passcode: 029250 Helping Your Student with Resumes in English: Join EBY Tutors Queenie Rich, Linda Maslin and Debbie Kamioner to discuss your role in working on student resumes. Queenie, Linda and Debbie are specially trained tutors who play a role in preparing EBY resumes for the job search process. We'll describe how you can add value to the resume process as well as what role Queenie, Linda and Debbie play in readying the resume for the job search process. This session will be recorded. Wednesday, December 14, 12:00 pm ET/11:00 am CT/9:00 am PT/19:00 Israel time. Session Link: Zoom Meeting ID: 813 2797 0226 Passcode: 510748 Tutor Talks - Upcoming: I've set dates through the first half of 2023 for Tutor Talks but ask for your understanding that these dates are subject to change. Will do my best not to mess around too much with your calendars! I've tried to vary the days of the week to provide opportunity for your various schedules. All the sessions are set for noon ET (11:00 am ET/9:00 am PT/19:00 Israel) and can always be accessed at the same link. Monday, December 12 Tuesday, January 17 Sunday, February 12 Wednesday, March 15 Monday, April 17 Tuesday, May 16 Wednesday, June 14 Tutor Talks Tips Next week, from the evening of Tuesday, November 22 through sundown on Wednesday, November 23 is the uniquely Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd. You might enjoy conversing with your student about Sigd. The Jewish Agency for Israel has an online toolkit with information about Sigd that you might find of value for background. Tutor Talya Mellar Davar, a New York Times subscriber, uses a site run by the NYTimes that provides easier to read articles in English. As I'm also a subscriber, I'm not sure if you can access, The Times In Plain English without a subscription, but it's worth trying - and please let me know. Tutor Helaine Lasko suggested the following to me by email: I use Youtube to play videos of various artist's singing including the lyrics. These are singers that my student and I have talked about ahead of time. She is now picking her own videos of singers with the lyrics included and sending them to me to share on zoom. The lyrics go across the video screen. First we listen to the entire song together. Then I pause it when the lyrics come up. She then reads the lyrics and then we talk about their meaning including some vocabulary words. She really enjoys doing this and tells me that it is helpful to her.

During our session, we also visited the newly redesigned websites for our program. Our public site is a great place to refer people who may be interested in our program. Here's the link to that site. And from that site you can access our Tutor Portal which is also accessed directly through . Here you'll find all the online resources we have curated for you. And if two websites aren't enough, I'm starting to post the resources I share in these newsletters into a blog to make it easier for you to find. The blog is accessible on both websites and the posts associated with these newsletters are posted under the category, Tutor Resources. The sites may still have a few wonky links so let us know if you find a problem and we'll work on getting the kinks resolved! We Continue to Recruit Volunteers! Minna Wolf, our Israeli Program Director, has many more students ready to be interviewed and matched. Earlier I shared that we needed up to 60 more tutors to meet the student demand. We've already cut that number down to 30 and making progress. Please spread the word to help us recruit new volunteers.

  • Put an announcement in your synagogue e-newsletter

  • Post on your social media

  • Share with friends, families, colleagues by email, phone or in person!!!!

Here's a blurb to consider using to help us recruit.

English B'Yachad - Online English Tutoring Volunteer as an English Tutor to Ethiopian Israeli adults who seek improved English fluency and confidence to better compete in the Israeli job market. No prior tutoring experience or Hebrew skills required and the commitment is as little as 1.5 hours a week. Join our community of volunteer tutors impacting the lives of Israelis by volunteering in Israel, from home! Check out our promo video on English B'Yachad to learn more or contact Marla Gamoran at

As always, Thank You for all that you do!


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