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Rebecca Cushman reflects

Updated: Apr 3

Rebecca at Bizchut with Suzanne Cannon

Rebecca at Bizchut with Suzanne Cannon

I’ve always been taught about the emphasis that Judaism places on helping others and giving back to the community. As I spend these next few weeks in Israel, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take the Jewish values I was raised with and apply them to my work with Bizchut. As an organization, Bizchut represents all the people of Israel. The individuals that work at Bizchut vary in religion, age, gender, and ethnicity. Similarly, the individuals that Bizchut help on a daily basis come from all walks of life. Bizchut helps improve the quality of life for all people in Israel that have disabilities and may face challenges on a daily basis. This is what makes Bizchut such an incredibly beautiful organization. As I began by stating, Judaism is a religion that stresses the importance of helping our fellow man and woman. It is about helping everyone and anyone who could use a helping hand, and Bizchut certainly achieve those ideals. Working with Bizchut has given me the chance to work together with such a diverse group of people who have come together to work for all who face disability challenges.

This year’s Volunteer & Study program is supported in part by a grant from Repair the World.

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