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Understanding what motivates the Boomers

Updated: Apr 3

The article by Paula Jacobs in  The Jewish Week does a great job of capturing the compelling reasons for actively engaging with Jewish Baby Boomers, and she also provides some basic suggestions on how to do so.

Her message – don’t waste precious time planning and studying what to do and don’t lump all the Jewish boomers into one large monolithic group that can be served with a one-size-fits-all strategy.  Avoid stereotypes or assumptions about why the Jewish boomers are disengaging – instead focus on multiple strategies that appeal to the diverse interests and needs of boomers, including social and community connection, volunteering and spirituality.

Ms. Jacobs’ conclusion:

“Engaging Jewish baby boomers and renewing their commitment to Jewish life requires a shift in communal priorities and conventional approaches. It’s a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for the Jewish community to exercise creativity, effect change, and teach Jewish values by example to future generations.”

Skilled Volunteers for Israel and JBoomers are two new initiatives at the forefront of developing new strategies and opportunities to meet the needs and interests of Jewish Baby Boomers.  Successful engagement depends not only upon the creativity of these strategies or the reach of our marketing, but also upon the interest of “the Jewish community” to partner with us in developing and supporting new ways of connecting and engaging with the Jewish Boomers.

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