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What Can I do?

Updated: Apr 2

UPDATE 4.1.2024

What can I do? How can I help? Those are the questions that have filled my inbox since the catastrophic events in Israel that began in the early hours of Saturday, October 7.

So what can we do?

We continue to update this list with new information. Check out the bottom of this post for social media sites and groups for additional volunteer opportunities.

Social Media Links to Volunteering in Israel

Facebook Group: Volunteering in Israel Facebook Group: Swords of Iron

Facebook Group: Hachamalshelkan

Facebook Page: Eran's Angels

WhatsApp group where people looking to help and looking for helpers post:

WhatsApp group with information on volunteer opportunities and a good place to post questions about where to volunteer:

For Hebrew speakers, this site provides a list by day and location with sign-up capability of volunteer opportunities (mostly agricultural). The site is all in Hebrew.

Congregation Rinat Israel assembled this list of multiple organizations and volunteer opportunities. There may be duplication with some of the options listed in this post.

Hands-On Volunteering

If coming to Israel for hands-on volunteering, we suggest packing the following clothing and supplies. Also check with the organization you are volunteering with for their specific suggestions:

  • Old Work clothes you don't mind getting dirty. It's not uncommon in Israel to wear the same work clothes throughout the week.

  • Work gloves

  • Closed-toed sturdy shoes or boots

  • Water bottle

  • Hat

  • First Aid kit (with a few extra bandaids/plasters)

  • Tissues, Toilet Paper, Wipes

  • Nail Brush

  • Hand Cream

Eran's Angels

Located near Tel Aviv University and easily accessible by train (Tel Aviv University Train station), volunteer with Eran's Angels, a large packing operation taking place inside one of the underground parking garages at the Tel Aviv Expo. For more information


30 senior volunteers meet in Jerusalem on Mondays and Wednesdays to package produce for the poor, disabled, evacuees and soldiers.  This volunteer effort is organized by Beverly Luchfeld.  To register or get more information, join this WhatsApp group:


Other contact information:

David is the only English speaker on location in Jerusalem.  He can be reached by phone or text on WhatsApp but it may take some time for him to respond.  There are other packing times available through David. Call or text him using Whatsapp. +972587708899 Hebrew speakers can also write to or . 

Pantry Packers

Located in Jerusalem, schedule a visit to pack food that will be distributed to Israeli families in need of food help

Livnot U'Lhibanot

Make a difference in restoring the affected Gaza Border Communities while connecting to your Jewish Roots

AVAILABLE DATES: Starting every Sunday in Sderot and surrounding Kibbutzim

(one-week minimum)


During this difficult time, Israeli farmers need your help more than ever. Many farmers were drafted into the reserves or lost their farmhands for a variety of reasons. As a result, their produce is being left in the fields to rot. Leket Israel is recruiting volunteers to send to our Israeli farmer partners during their time of crisis.

Netzarim Brigade Volunteers:  Bnei Netzarim


Netzarim Brigade Volunteers help organize groups and individuals to go South to the Moshavim & Farms and volunteer to work the land.


Agricultural volunteering is approximately 8 km from the Egyptian border, 2.5 hours from Jerusalem. The communities of Bnai Netzarim are religious but non-religious volunteers are welcome.

For more information:  .


To register, use the google spreadsheet and list your dates:

Yad Sarah Jerusalem

Volunteer to do laundry for evacuee families in Jerusalem who don't have access to laundry facilities.

You must call in advance to reserve your spot. 053-268-9733

Minimum of 3 hours suggested.

Sunday and Monday from 12:30 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:00 am

Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP) is staffing two projects in addition to its professional firefighters initiative: The EVP Mass-Feeding Unit, working with Israel’s Home Front Command, trains volunteers to prepare fresh, healthy meals for IDF units and needy populations using a fleet of mobile kitchens. The EVP Make A Soldier Smile project has volunteers cooking meals at popup field kitchens on army bases.

Contact EVP through this webform; by emailing; or by calling 781-713-4562 (USA) or 073-729-1954 (Israel).

The Jaffa Institute's Food Distribution Center targets hunger and malnutrition in the home by providing 15,500 food packages a year.

To contact the Jaffa Institute about volunteering: 

Volunteer Organized Group Trips

Adult travelers of all ages can tap into this national volunteering drive – for the people of Israel, in the land of Israel while the need is greatest.

Together we will volunteer 4-6 hours per day in areas of need such as:

COMMUNITIES IN NEEDPackage food/clothing and provide support for displaced communities.e.g. partner: LatetTHE TROOPSVolunteer on IDF bases (away from conflict) in support of soldiers.e.g. partner: SarelAGRICULTUREHarvest crops for foodbanks that would otherwise be wastede.g. partner: Leket

Volunteer for 4 Days in Israel

Israel needs us now more than ever. Spend 4 days in Israel to help provide immediate relief, make a difference, and come away feeling the meaningful impact of your work. As a volunteer, your work will help reach and assist local communities in the following ways:

  •  Visit wounded soldiers and civilians in hospitals to deliver care packages.• Lend a hand at ADI Negev – a rehabilitative village providing services for disabled children and adults.• Participate in community service helping with anything and everything - from cooking to assistance in the daycares, laundry, or cleaning up.• Work together with HaShomer HaChadash on farms, picking vegetables and other crops to prevent a massive shortage in the Israeli market and ensuring that no farmer is left alone, unable to work his land.• Volunteer with Sar-El at an army base and take on logistical roles necessary to fill the void of the over 350,000 Israelis serving in the IDF and reserves. For more information 

Physicians & Other Medical Professionals

American Healthcare Professionals and Friends for Medicine in Israel

APF is the official organization designated by the State of Israel to respond in the event of a national crisis in Israel.

Israel Medical Association (IMA)

The Israel Medical Association is keeping a list of names at    They are asking that people speak English or Hebrew. Except perhaps if the volunteer is trauma surgeon/orthopedist/neurosurgeon who can help in the operating room without being fluent.

Call for Medical & Nursing Volunteers

Many hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed and many medical personnel are being called up to serve in the army. Hospitals throughout Israel are desperate for volunteers to fill in the ranks. Anyone with a valid license in ISRAEL or a Western Country (US, Canada, EU) in medicine, nursing, nurse practitioner, and other critical credentials: if you have time to volunteer please provide your contact info below for dispersal to the relevant hospitals who may need you. They will contact you when needed and request a copy of your license and DEA if applicable. There are emergency procedures for rapid temporary credential recognition. Click here to volunteer

Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

International Task Force 

*Currently organizing meetings and training about the effort.

*Not ready to make assignments.

 *Focused on providing information on working with people in the midst of active traumatic stress and issues that American therapists should be aware of when working with Israelis.

*Especially eager to hear from therapists who speak Hebrew, though they expect there will be opportunities for those who are not fluent Hebrew speakers


Stand With Humanity: Israeli Law Firms Support Platform

Members of Israel's leading law firms and the Israel Bar Association feel a duty to help their country and fellow citizens in need in any way they can. Israeli law firms are seeking to make contact with colleagues outside of Israel who may be in a position to assist in the international arena. This is an attempt to put together a group of representatives of major law firms and leading lawyers throughout the world, thus establishing a platform of individuals and firms that may be in a position to help and who are willing to be called on when needed for assistance with matters in their expertise or jurisdiction. If interested, register with this initiative. 

Entrepreneurs and Tech Start-Up Support

Startup Reserves for Israel (“SRI”) is a global force of 3,000+ highly skilled volunteers providing a range of professional services to fill invaluable gaps in Israel’s startup workforce. This organization matches startups that need resources with expert volunteers. To register 

 Educational Opportunities - for Hebrew and English Speakers

ESRA English Tutoring Programs (ETP)

In partnership with the Israel Ministry of Education, ESRA has been promoting the English academic achievements of Israeli schoolchildren for over 40 years. ESRA's English Tutoring Programs focus on enhancing educational achievement and enriching social skills. By strengthening the English oral proficiency of our students. Please use this link to apply with ESRA.

The AMIT network includes over 60 schools serving 40,000 students across an incredibly broad spectrum of Israeli society, from secular to religious, in the North, South and Central regions and especially in peripheral communities that are directly experiencing loss, trauma and displacement at this time. AMIT administrators have advised that while in-person learning will likely not resume for some time, students in their network are in critical need of limited but structured online learning opportunities across a broad range of disciplines including English, Hebrew language, Science, Math, and Judaic Studies. At the same time, AMIT schools are facing drastic staffing shortages as teachers and educational personnel are drafted up or otherwise impacted by the situation. In order to meet this need, initiatives such as “Sha’agat Aryeh” and others have begun work to address these shortages.

Currently, TalentEducators is seeking to expand efforts to identify diaspora based Hebrew speaking teachers who are available immediately to teach 45-minute classes over Zoom to Israeli students in 7th-12th grades whose teachers are currently unavailable. Note: due to many constraints (even including observed patterns in the timing of rocket attacks), these classes are scheduled to be offered in blocks from 12:00pm-12:45pm and 1:00pm-1:45pm Israel time, which obviously creates a significant challenge for many US-based educators due to time zone differences. Nevertheless, having seen the outpouring of effort and support in communities throughout the world on behalf of Israel and her people, we are turning to networks of US-based teachers to recruit volunteers for this critical need.

If you are interested in volunteering for this effort and have the educational and language background and experience needed, please use this form to sign up, and in the coming days we will be in contact with you to launch this effort.

For volunteers between the ages of 18-40

Onward Israel Volunteer

In collaboration with Taglit Birthright Israel volunteer in Israel to support the country in this time of need. Volunteers up to 40 years old are eligible to apply. This program will use volunteers to

  • Take part in food rescue operations to prevent shortages in the Israeli market.

  • Sort, pack and distribute goods for civil and military personnel.

This program is also working on an option for volunteers over 40 years of age. If interested complete this survey.

Masa Volunteers

Due to the high demand for volunteer work in Israel, we've created Masa Volunteers, a new initiative inviting you to join a 6-week volunteer program in Israel, turning your compassion into action. This program, priced at just $350 USD, offers various dates throughout December, January, and February, making it a flexible choice for anyone looking to make a significant impact.

Program Highlights:

  • Dates: December 18, 19, & 28 2023; January 2 & 15; February 2 & 5 2024

  • Locations: Choose from volunteering in Tel Aviv, Haifa, or Eilat

  • Focus Areas: Education, International Humanitarian Work, Teaching, Social Action/Volunteering, Kibbutz, Coexistence, Agriculture, and more

  • Eligibility: Age 18-40, basic English proficiency, valid passport

  • Includes: Housing, insurance, 24-hour staff, educational activities, social events, public transportation, networking opportunities, and more.


Marla Gamoran is Executive Director for Skilled Volunteers for Israel. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and conversation partner to an Israeli young adult from a disadvantaged Israeli community, through English B'Yachad, Skilled Volunteer's flagship program, contact Marla at

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