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Networking and Interviewing

Updated: Apr 2

We start out as English language tutors, working with our young adult students who understand that English proficiency is essential to job opportunity and economic mobility. Our students often seek input on their job search process.

As our students transition from training or academic studies to seeking employment, we are sometimes asked to help wit

h their English language CV (resume). To support your efforts as English B'Yachad tutor mentors, our training on Resume Assistance may be helpful to you. The highlights of the training and supporting documents are available in this blog post. That training is recorded and accessible at this link.

Assisting with resumes is only one aspect of the job search process. Networking is a key component, no matter what field or location. Discussing the basic elements and approaches to networking in a systematic way may be of immense value to your student and provide the opportunity to enrich English vocabulary and skills at the same time!

After networking and applying to jobs, students who are invited for interviews must prepare for the interview itself. We have heard many anecdotes of students who start their interviews in Hebrew and the interviewing team switches to English - to accommodate a global interview team member or perhaps to assess English proficiency. Thus preparation for the interview process in English is also of high value.

Udi Shorr, an expert in sales training and business-to-business marketing created and delivered a training workshop and supporting tools on Networking and Interviewing for our English B'Yachad community. Udi covers in a succinct and very logical manner the basics of both networking and interviewing, drawing on best practices in the industry. To enable our tutors to engage with these skills with their students, he has created two presentation-decks as tools for discussion and engagement.

Although framed from a North American business perspective, the presentations provide critical insights, structure and vocabulary to the processes associated with interviewing and networking. The recording for the training can be found here.

The presentations are available for download in powerpoint and pdf formats below.

Networking V3
Download PPTX • 16.70MB

Networking V3
Download PDF • 1.74MB

Interviewing V3 Final
Download PPTX • 11.73MB

Interviewing V3
Download PDF • 2.55MB

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