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Zoom Tips for Tutors: Recurring Meetings

Most English B'Yachad tutors use their free Zoom accounts to meet with students. Unfortunately, the free accounts limit Zoom sessions to 40 minutes.

As English B'Yachad tutors and students often meet for an hour together, the 40 minute limit is frustrating. I've suggested setting up two Zoom links and taking a small break to exit one session and log in to the next. But there's an even easier solution!

Set up your Zoom meeting for tutoring as a recurring meeting so that you can use the SAME LINK to for each segment of your session as well as for all your tutor sessions. With the free Zoom account, you are still limited to 40-minutes, but with a recurring meeting link, you and your student can get back into the "Zoom room" using the same link and, if set up correctly, that link will work week after week .

Here's an article that describes how to set up a recurring meeting for Zoom users using Windows, Mac computers, Apple IOS and Android systems.

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