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Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easy to share your lifetime of skills and experience with a young adult from an underserved community in Israel.  

With your commitment of only one to two hours a week, you can help a student gain English fluency and the confidence to qualify for a professional career.  


Most of our students speak basic English and want to focus on practicing conversation, so you don’t need to speak Hebrew or have teaching experience.


As a weekly conversation partner and lesson tutor, you’ll serve as a tutor, coach, friend, and mentor.


Students and tutors are interviewed to match individuals based on language abilities, student goals, tutoring experience, and professional background.​ We provide start up resources, but this program is not built upon a set curriculum, as tutoring session content is customized to each student’s needs and goals. 

I have grown to feel a real bond between us – she is somewhere between a friend and a third daughter. I am looking forward to being able to travel to Israel to meet R in person, to meet her family and to introduce her to my daughter who lives in Tel Aviv.

Thank you to Marla and Minna for creating this wonderful program. May it grow and expand to help many more young Israelis in the future!!   ---Jan, New Jersey


Our students are Israeli young adults from the social and geographic periphery who seek to better compete for promising positions in the Israeli job market.  

Most of our students are from the Ethiopian Israeli community, and we are expanding our services to other communities in Israel. 

My student, Sapir, has passed round 1 for a programming job. Round 2 is coming up. I am helping her prepare for the interview, which will be conducted in English. I hope, I hope, I hope - this would be such a huge step forward for her. (Julie, San Francisco, CA).

Skilled Volunteers for Israel (SVFI) promotes connection to Israel for Jewish adults through volunteerism and service. Our flagship program, English B’Yachad (English Together), offers one-on-one online English language tutoring to Israeli young adults.  

Join the hundreds of volunteer tutors from diverse professional backgrounds who are transforming the lives of Israelis through English tutoring.

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