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On Being a Tutor for English B’Yachad

Updated: Apr 2

With two highly committed students, my tutoring experience is continuously rewarding and interesting.  Our online meetings are filled with questions and insights, grammar and shared laughter too!

Through our conversations, my students have helped me understand their work in technology.  Beyond their work, we have discussed their favorite places in Israel and the world.  We’ve discussed and compared current events in Israel and the United States.  Together we have read English articles about their interests in science, health and sports.  And of course, we have discussed our Shabbat and holiday traditions and our shared love of schnitzel!

Tutoring for English B’Yachad may have grown out of the disastrous pandemic, but it has brought productive and enjoyable visits with my delightful students.  I’m grateful for this experience every week.

Terry M, Nashville, TN

and from one of Terry’s students….

I’m writing to thank you for all the time you have devoted to me in our weekly conversations. I learned a lot from you and for all the support and assistance all the way along.  The learning experience was amazing. I really enjoyed our Zoom sessions.  In addition, I thank you for your concern and caring in difficult times.  Very glad I got to know you.  I must point out that the conversations with you have improved my confidence and speaking fluency in English.

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