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Adding interest and fun to your tutoring sessions without sacrificing substance!

Updated: Apr 10

-Strategies for reinforcing vocabulary. Record a WhatsApp message that you send your student recapping key vocabulary words introduced in your session. The message provides a simple way to reinforce vocabulary and pronunciation. Myra Epstein would be happy to do a session for tutors demonstrating how she uses WhatsApp messages as a useful tool, so please let me know if that would be of interest to you.

-Use a six word memoir as a way of stimulating creativity, writing skills, vocabulary and conversation. Pick a topic and use just six words to express a thought or idea on the topic chosen. Check out this website to see how this concept works! There's even a six words memoir site dedicated to Jewish topics!

-Eada Rubinger shared a site called Listen A Minute which provides short audios of a written paragraph and quizzes and exercises associated with the exercise. A good tool for improving listening skills, vocabulary, reading comprehension.

-If your student is interested in current events, this site provides short articles good for reading, vocabulary, listening and discussing. Each article is presented in several English reading levels possible, includes a listening component and possible exercises to use.

Try using crossword puzzles as an interesting strategy to build vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. Tutor Arnie Bressler suggested this site:

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