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Ann Jaffe-Their Success is My Success

Updated: Apr 3

All my life I have wanted to go to Israel.  Although I have now been here many times, this time I have had the privilege of not only being her but of being of service here.

Although I am studying Hebrew as part of my program, I am happy to spend the other part of my day working with high school students who must develop a level of proficiency in the English language in order for them to receive their high school diplomas and proceed with their lives.

Mercaz Klass with Annabelle Jaffe

Mercaz Klass with Annabelle Jaffe

The students with whom I work are eager to learn the language.  They have career goals and are looking forward to achieving them.  A high school diploma is a step they will need along the way.

I am fortunate in being able to help those I teach make the necessary progress in English.  each student works at a different level, and once I determine the level for each individual, I adjust my teaching program accordingly.

Their success is my success.  I love what I do and look forward to each day

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