BeerSheba-From the Desert like a Flower

Wednesday 7 May, 2015

Zev and Alla Fayngold took Wednesday morning off to visit with old friends in Beer Sheba.

This morning we traveled to Beersheva with a local resident Itay Gelber and his co-workers.  There are buses frequently between Yerucham and Beer Sheba but we were fortunate to be offered a ride instead.

We met my high school friend Isaak Goldfarb, whom I had not seen for almost 50 years. Not surprisingly, we had a lot to talk about!

We talked about our experience in the period of leaving old USSR and coming to a new life.

Isaak came to Israel in 1993 with wife and little son. After many moves, he settled in Beersheva and found a job with help of his co-workers from Kiev who came earlier to Israel. Isaak said- it was not easy, – but I do not regret coming here for one moment!

We recalled our school days and friends’ fate, – some whom we still do not know where are they! One of Isaak’s  friends from last job (Isaak retired at 75) came with his car and gave us a tour of Beersheva for an hour.  What a beautiful city!

It grows from the desert land like a flower!

beer sheba 2

We returned to Yerucham by bus, – excellent transportation.

and had a mid-term meeting with all volunteers where we talked about the +/- of our experience in Yeruham so far.

Our evening concluded by attending a big bonfire in celebration of Lag B’Omer.

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