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Can’t Wait to Return

Updated: Apr 2

Farewell Lunch with Teaching Staff at the Goldstein Youth Village for two skilled volunteers, Sam (Far left) and Sharon (third from left)

There were so many wonderful moments during my volunteer experience at Havat Hanoar Hatzioni (Goldstein Youth Village School) it would be impossible to write about all of them. Some special memories were rather simple occurrences yet they were important. For example, the teachers I worked with said hello to me when they came into the workroom in the morning. They didn’t ignore me or take my presence for granted but rather acknowledged me with a greeting and a smile.

Two students told me that working with me was their favorite activity during the school day. Another student told me he would miss me when I left. A female student told me in very “broken” English that she loved her teacher. I then replied that I loved my pupil!

Teachers reported that formerly shy and reluctant students were now sitting in the front of the classroom and participating more frequently and with greater confidence.

I also saw some of the classroom management ideas I had suggested being implemented in the classroom. That was very satisfying as well.

I met very skilled and dedicated teachers. Their lessons were creative and engaging. I appreciate how hard they worked to create excitement for their students while helping them learn English…not an easy task.

I also met wonderful people at Kehilat Kol Haneshama and on Kibbutz Lotan. These were experiences facilitated by Terry Hendin. She was my “rock” and support as I spent my 5 wonderful weeks in Israel.

Even people on the streets and busses were eager to help a white-haired lady who walked with a cane. I love Israel SO much!  I’ve already reserved a room at Little House for December, 2020-January, 2021 when I’m planning to return to Jerusalem as a Skilled Volunteer for Israel at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village School. I can hardly wait! Sharon Draznin

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