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I’ll be back next year

Updated: Apr 2

Who would have thought, when I googled “volunteer opportunities in Israel “ that I would find SKILLED VOLUNTERS FOR ISRAEL. Participating in  this program is one of the most wonderful experiences in my life!

I am currently completing 3 out of a little more than 4 weeks at my school placement, where I’m tutoring English to students from Israel, Russia, Moldova, and the Ukraine.  All of the teachers at the school have been very welcoming and helpful. The volunteer coordinator is a wonderful woman who invited me for Shabbat dinner the first day I met her!  The students are hardworking and motivated. I enjoy connecting with them as we practice speaking English together.

I have volunteered in Israel three times previously with other frameworks however this experience is the best!

Living in Jerusalem has created so many special experiences.  Here are just a few that make this time so special for me:

  1. People saying Shabbat Shalom to me on the street

  2. A student telling me she wishes I was her grandma

  3. Shabbat dinner at the home of my school’s English coordinator

  4. Afield trip with other Skilled Volunteers for Israel to Jerusalem City Hall

  5. A lesson on chewing gum and blowing bubbles (Juicy Fruit of course) with two 7th grade boys

  6. Shabbat services at Kehilat Kol Haneshama, a local Jerusalem Reform congregation not far from where I’m staying (I even got an ‘aliyah’!)

  7. Making new friends with other volunteers

  8. Going to orchestra rehearsals with my friend Yael

I plan to be a volunteer again next year because this experience has been so positive.

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