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Community Connections

Updated: Apr 3

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another wonderful day.  We are feeling more and more connected to this community. We were introduced to Yuval Lavie, the man in charge of pulling all the tourist opportunities in Yerucham together. He talked to us briefly about his needs to fulfill his mandate and then took us on a guided tour of the spectacular crater. After lunch and a valuable discussion with Marla Gamoran the founder of Skilled Volunteers for Israel, we were taken by Yoram Tzvik to Lake Yerucham.

Larry in the Desert

We learned that the lake is the third largest in Israel and the largest body of water in the Negev. Yoram shared the legend of Hagar’s well.  We had an opportunity to see both the large and small lake and the surrounding parklands, all in a relatively undeveloped stage.  We heard about the 250 species of birds that frequent the lake as well as other animals that are found there.

Lake Yerucham

Lake Yerucham

This afternoon, as we finished lunch, we has a chance meeting with a young teenager who is the team leader of the “Team Yerucham” teenage robotics entry to an international robotics competition.  This student described her team’s work as

“Whatever can be imagined is possible!”

This statement impressed us all as so applicable to Yerucham’s future.  Our team has since adopted it and  we hope Yerucham will as well.  

robotics team volunteers and the robot!

We are looking forward to contributing to turning Yerucham’s potential into its future.  After all, “Whatever can be imagined is possible!” Ron Hoffman

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