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Conversation Starters and Other Resource Suggestions from our Tutors!

Updated: Apr 2

From Pam Reis about ESL conversation: A website with questions to use for conversation starters on a wide array of topics: Michele Doctoroff shared this beautiful song about travel from Ethiopia to Jerusalem. The song and subtitles are in Hebrew. She shared with her student who didn't know the performer.

Thank you Michele and Pam.

Keeping Up with The Tech Sector in Israel For tutors working with Tech Students, you may be learning that getting a job is not easy for all English B'Yachad students. Jerusalem based tutor, Debbie Silverman recently shared an article with me that she found in the Times of Israel. Consider keeping up with the Israeli tech sector through these sources: The Times of Israel has a Tech Israel newsletter. To subscribe Israel21C also focuses on the tech sector in Israel. To subscribe click on this Israel21C link and you'll see in the top right corner a link to sign up for their weekly newsletter.

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