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Diverse Experiences Packed into One Day

Joe and Jackie Koptowsky are volunteering together in Yerucham at several local schools.  In addition, they are volunteering in the afternoon with Engliyada – an individualized English conversation program that pairs local Yerucham residents with native English speakers.

Several evenings a week, the volunteers attend workshops or cultural sites to learn more about the community of Yerucham.

Joe Koptowsky writes,

“On Monday, 4 May I volunteered at the Meuchad Elementary School. The school is clean and lovely; students happy and welcoming.  They did well working with us on their English workbooks.

Today was the first day of the Engliyada and I was paired with a 68 year old man who speaks Hebrew and French.  He wants to improve his English and has an English word book which defines the words and includes examples of when and how to use them.

Russian Veteran's Museum

Russian Veteran’s Museum

This evening, (Monday, 4 May), we visited a Museum dedicated to War Veterans from the Former Soviet Union. The museum was a demonstration of love and gratitude to Israel; a testimonial to the events of World War II and to the Russian Jews who settled in Yerucham and their interest in telling their story.”

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