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Enriched by the experience

Updated: Apr 2

Students Gadi and Melishu share their experience with tutor, Sharon L-C

Gadi: “I am very happy about this class.  It helps me a lot.  I feel I am improving in many things because of the lessons and because of the teacher.  I’m improving at work because my friends understand me better.  This helps me a lot and will help other students.

It is important that we spoke before the lessons began about what I wanted to achieve.

Because of the lessons, I am allowing myself to speak English with other people at my job.  Before this class, I did not want to speak English and now I’m allowing myself to do it.  You (the tutor) gave me a lot of self-confidence in conversing in English.  Admittedly I still do not master the language, but slowly I can talk, which I could not do before I met you.  I feel that I have improved miraculously with you!”

Melishu: “Before the lessons when I listened in English I felt scared and terrified and was very nervous when someone spoke to me in English.  Today I feel comfortable speaking in English.”

Tutor Sharon shares: As an English tutor for English B[‘Yachad I have learned a great deal.  I think I have learned more than my students Gadi and Melishu.  They have taught me a lot about the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel, and about their customs and way of life.  I have a lot more to learn and I know they will continue to teach me more.

More importantly, I have made good friends with wonderful people who have trusted me to help them improve their English.  They are so kind, grateful and thoughtful and I hope that someday we will be able to meet in in Israel.

I have also learned what it means to live through a crisis like the one that just happened in Israel (May 2021).  I am not certain that I could be as brave as my friends were during the crisis.  I am blessed to have this opportunity and I look forward to continue meeting with Gadi and Melishu as their English continues to improve and they meet their goal of becoming more fluent.”

Thank you

Sharon L-C Ontario Canada

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