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Flash Cards - In the Digital Age

In the "olden days" we often used visual tools to learn vocabulary. My daughter took flash cards were one of her favorite tools for learning vocabulary. In our last Tutor Talks, one of our tutors shared that he is working on vocabulary with his student as the student prepares for the GMAT exam. The vocabulary is challenging and this tutor was lamenting that he would have used flash cards with his student to reinforce the vocabulary had they been working together face to face.

And as happens at each and every one of these drop-in sharing sessions, another tutor had a clever technological suggestion for digital flashcards. If you are working with your student on vocabulary and would like to adapt old methods to new technology, try using an online program called Quizlet . Like many of the online resources we discover, this site has functionality that is free and other functionality that is accessed behind a paywall. But Carrie who suggested the site indicated that the site's free functions are useful. Would love to hear back if you try this site and find it useful and in fact how you used it!

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