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Inspired by these relationships…Priceless Experience

Updated: Apr 2

My first student introduction took place in September, 2020, and we have been in contact ever since.  The matching process of student to tutor has been extremely effective for me.

My second student introduction took place in April 2021. Again, an excellent match for me.  Both adult students speak American English pretty well, although they do not think so!   It’s been an extremely rewarding experience for us to be connected.

My first student has become a friend and he shared many touching and beautiful moments with me, showing me his mother’s cooking, his favorite coffee, and he even played guitar for me.  My second student is a teacher, mother, wife and has a very large family she cherishes.  Both my students are highly respectful and devoted to their families.  I admire them and tell them that all the time.  They are my inspiration.

They thank me consistently for helping them with their English practice and with verb tenses and pronunciation.

Our sessions together are fun- we have laughed so hard we could hardly stop.  I’ve seen photos of their families and was taken on a virtual walk of the neighborhood.  The connection for my students to America, to people in the United States is vital.  And for me as a tutor, mentor, confidant – I’ve gained insight into their lives, cultures and dream.  Priceless!  What an educational experience in so many ways.

BettyAnn M, Palm Beach County, FL

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