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Multi-culturalism in Yerucham

Updated: Apr 3

Jackie and Joe Koptowsky write about Tuesday, 5 May – filled with many multicultural experiences.

On Tuesday we volunteered in a religious girls’ high school.  We worked with two different teachers and students of different levels of English.  We could see the students’ could use our help but we were not able to spend a lot of time with them.

Today’s lunch was hosted by the Culinary Queens of Yerucham.  We learned that the “Culinary Queens” are women who have been empowered to work by preparing traditional food and serving it in their homes or other venues.  Our “queen” Mazal’s husband told us about his family’s immigration from Tunisia to Israel in the late 1950’s and the difficulties his father faced in making a new life in Israel. We learned that this family was expecting to settle in Jerusalem and found themselves in Yerucham.

During the afternoon’s  Engliyada – English Adult tutoring class, I (Jackie) had nine students.  The students are interested in improving their spoken English.

Indian Drumming

The night concluded with a drumming workshop at an Indian synagogue.  The synagogue was beautiful and the workshop enjoyable, interesting and informative.

Jackie and Joe Koptowsky

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