Our First Exposure to Yerucham

Friday, May 31, 2013

Early Friday morning we met Debbie Goldman Golan the President of Atid Bamidbar & Rena Genn, Director of Miami Federation Israel at the Statue of Identity. Rena welcomed us & thanked us for being the first group of skilled worker ‘pioneer’ volunteers. She described the work we would be doing as a link in a chain which would help bind Miami to Yerucham – a “living bridge” to help Israel’s periphery.

gourmet breakfasts in yerucham

Debbie explained the colorful history & significance of Yerucham to us, both while at this site as well later on that morning at the archives & library. She exposed us to the fabulous works of art of Anna Markus, a talented local artist, whose works are displayed throughout the library. Debbie’s commitment & passion are both palpable and infectious….we have so little time & so much to learn!   Queenie Rich

Pillars of the Community
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