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Peace Camp in Jerusalem

This summer I participated in the Volunteer & Study track of the Conservative Yeshiva.  Skilled Volunteers for Israel set up my volunteer assignment as a counselor at the YMCA Peace Camp.  The experience was truly a treat. Everyday brought new challenges, each needing to be solved in different languages and in different ways.

I was very skeptical that a camp called a Peace Camp would hold true to its name.  And yet I was truly impressed by how when people put their minds and their souls to it, they created a true feeling of a united Jerusalem.

I specifically recall a situation with one child who was having trouble tying his shoe.  He only spoke Arabic and was having trouble communicating that he needed help.  Almost immediately one of the English-speaking campers came over and tied his shoe.

Working with Skilled Volunteers for Israel was a wonderful experience and really opened my eyes to new things.   I am so happy that I to have had this opportunity and I really think I made the best of it.

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