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Raising the Bar of Excellence

Updated: Apr 3

June 9, 2013

Rachel and Reuven meet  with Queenie and Heather on the Science Center

Rachel and Reuven meet with Queenie and Heather on the Science Center

Heather & I spent an intriguing morning at the Science Centre with Rachel Knoll & her staff. We are captivated by Rachel’s visionary powers, her unbridled passion & her endless energy and commitment to ensure all students, no matter their socio economic level, are exposed to science & technology which in her words are…..the keys to social mobility.

It’s such an innovative concept – all children, from the ages 3-18 are exposed to science in a fun & interactive way. Chemistry & physics are offered to ALL, thereby opening horizons to many more options as they mature & are ready to choose career in fields that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

Students from surrounding towns are attracted to the magnetic programming at the Science Centre & special programs are designed to include them. Many people talk about the importance of making a difference….Rachel ‘walks the talk’! Her passion and inspiration is contagious; her team equally dedicated & passionate….all striving to ensure endless possibilities for all students, secular & religious.

It was a WOW morning with inspirational people…..we meet again tomorrow.  Keep posted.

Queenie Rich & Heather Hoffman

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