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Robotics Program in Yerucham

Updated: Apr 3

June 10, 2013

Heather & Queenie had a most informative meeting with Reuven Stahl from the Science Centre. He gave us a thorough overview of the Robotics Program that was established 4 years ago. He showed a series of video clips of their team which had just returned from the United States having won the national championship in St. Louis. This team was made up of students from secular and religious boys and girls age 15-18 yrs. old. This mix of students required careful planning with the religious schools. Also Yeroham’s team was the only team that doesn’t have a team sponsor to help them with their funding. Another challenge that presents itself is that the competitions run from a Thurs-Sat and a number of teammates do not participate on Shabbat.

The robotics team gets 6 weeks notice prior to the competition and must follow mandatory requirements to qualify. This pressured time frame is a life lesson, teaching them how to work within tight time constraints which is something they will face in the workplace.

Robotics Team Y

Robotics Team Y

Yeroham has the highest proportion of students per capita in robotics programs. Children from kindergarten age on are introduced to robotics. This is based on the belief that getting the children young enables them to plant seeds of interest & enthusiasm in science & technology. It is no wonder that by the time they are in middle school, students exude passion & commitment & LOVE robotics!

A major goal of the program is to instil confidence & pride in students. The Robotics Program has indeed changed the lives of those involved, opening their eyes to options not previously considered in their socio-economic level. Students now dream big, realizing that becoming an engineer or scientist is within their reach. It’s a fascinating initiative that encourages students to learn as well as share their developing expertise with those more junior and in other communities such as the Bedouins & ultra orthodox. These initiatives exemplify how people can live and work together collaboratively – an important lesson & message that should resonate globally.

Check out this fabulous winning robotics team on YouTube.

Queenie Rich and Heather Hoffman

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