Shabbat at Midreshet Ben Gurion

June 7-8, 2013

Overnight Stay at Midreshet Ben-Gurion ( ׁת בֶּן גּוּרְיוֹן – מִדְרֶש ), also known as Midreshet Sde Boker, is an educational center and boarding school in the Negev in southern Israel.

The construction of a field school began in 1962, inspired by David Ben-Gurion’s vision of developing a thriving Jewish culture in the arid Negev. The Jacob Blaustein  Institutes for Desert Research, affiliated with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the Ben Gurion Heritage Institute, and a high school emphasizing environmental studies, are now located there.

Ibex in the Desert

Ibex in the Desert

Beauty in the Deset

Beauty in the Deset

Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula Ben-Gurion are buried on the cliff overlooking the Zin valley. The view looking out over the Zin Valley is breathtaking….you get the feeling that the horizon extends forever. As we look down we see dry, arid undulating sculptured rock, resembling a series of cascading fountains. Betzelal Cohen, a retired multi-degreed professor took us on a walking tour to showcase the strides in research & the architecture housing its various elements. Once again we were impressed with the breath of knowledge & commitment to the Negev.

Our ‘take away’ from this outing once again emphasizes that the desert is a place of limitless possibilities & endless potential.

Queenie Rich

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