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The Essence of the Place

Updated: Apr 3

June 7, 2013

How do you capture the essence of this unique place in the middle of the Negev, Israel’s great desert?

Do you use words only? One cannot because words unlike Yerucham are flat and dull no matter how descriptive.

Do you do it with pictures? Pictures are a pretty and even powerful medium but at best they only give you a photographer’s view of a moment in time and Yerucham is a continuum of time.

Do you film the place? Better, but you are at the mercy of the videographer and his ability to tell Yerucham’s story, a story that begs to be told if you are open to hearing it.

To have any chance at all, you must go there to grasp its character and its place in Israel’s future but not just be there on your way to somewhere else.

You must experience Yerucham over time. You must see and hear. But not only that.

You must touch and feel. But not only that.

You must read and cogitate. But not only that.

You must taste and smell. But not just that.

You must meet its people, not a few, but many.

While you are doing so you must open your eyes, ears, even the pores of your flesh. Then and only then can Yerucham seep into your  heart, your mind and your soul. Then and only then will you capture its essence but then you may also find that Yerucham has captured you.

Shabbat Shalom Reuven  (Ron Hoffman)

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