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The sweet voices of Jewish children…

Updated: Apr 3

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of Jewish Children singing.

Tonight is Lag B’Omer and hopefully Rabbi Kula will tell me about its significance when he reads this posting.

This morning I went to the cemetery to shoot some 9th graders- to clarify I used a camera. The children were performing a mitzvah of placing a yartzeit candle at the graves of WWII veterans.  Tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of VE Day and although Yerucham is not Times Square there will be a celebration.

In Miami , when you leave the cemetery there is a spigot and a container to wash your hands. Here there are two large concrete fountains with multiple containers. Each student knew what to do without further instruction from the teacher. How many of our 9th graders would know what to do at a cemetery.

From a cemetery I went to the Lag B’Omer parade on Bornstein Ave – Main Street Yerucham – Led by a drum corps of young boys and stretching three blocks, hand in hand little boys and girls singing. As I squeeze off another photo they give me thumbs up. I may not understand Hebrew but these children and I shared the universal language of a smile.

The parade continues but my smile is permanently affixed. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of Jewish Children singing.

Howard Schneider (please revisit this post for a sample of Howard’s wonderful photos)

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