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What a Difference!!

Updated: Apr 3

Jackie Koptowsky writes about her second day of volunteering. An experienced educator and educational administrator, Jackie brings unique professional insights into her volunteer settings.

“What a difference a day makes!” Today we were in an elementary school that is comparable to an Art and Science Magnet School in the United States.  The students had beautiful art work on display and recyclable items were used in art work done on the outside of the buildings.  The students were well behaved and wanted to learn English.  They were excited to work with us.

matnas yerucham

We had a delicious lunch at the HaLav Al Hazman restaurant at the “Matnas” or community center.  And later at the Engliyada (Adult English Conversation Program), I worked with three lovely women who want to learn English.  I was prepared for them to speak no English however they each knew some English.  We worked on reading words from a book and short sentences.

In the evening we went to a Russian museum.  We met a number of Russians who had served in the Soviet Union’s Army and had immigrated to Yerucham.  Amazing to see these grandparents’ war veteran photographs next to their Israeli grandchildren who are serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

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