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What Tutoring Has Meant to Me – a conversation between an English B’Yachad student and h

From Hadas about Tutor Myra E:

What have our lessons meant to me?  Our lessons are meaningful to me because it combines both social values and fun learning.  

What is important to me about our lessons?  It is important to me that we have good communication and understanding and that our ‘class’ is the form of learning, conversation management and patience!

What important things did we learn about each other?  I learned that you (tutor) have a big heart with a lot of giving and that you are a role model.  You are a loyal, caring woman who is responsible.  I can learn a lot from you.

What do you like best about the lessons?  I love that you try to illustrate my lessons in all sorts of ways.  For example, that we are in a restaurant.

How can we show your progress?  I see progress in reading and vocabulary.  I was exposed to new words I did not know before.

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