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The Traveling Teacher

Lori shared snippets of her experience which she has allowed us to share on the Skilled Volunteers for Israel blog.

February 4 I’d like to share an amazing story of the renaming of the school that I teach in Netanya. There are so many heroic stories in this country — this is one more. The name of the school was “Shapira,”  and is now named “Tamar Ariel” and here is why.

February 11

At Tamar Ariel Beit Sefer (school) I worked with 3 seventh grade boys. Their reading and comprehension was quite good. They are always preparing for their graduation tests which is a determinant toward their futures. Across the street from this neighborhood school I saw an orange tree with its fallen fruit on the ground. I so wanted to hop the fence. During break time, I snapped a photo of the high schooler’s favorite pastime: clicking into their cell phones. They are allowed to carry them all day and they use them as a translator in their English classes.

February 14

I taught two great small groups today at Tamar Ariel in Netanya. Two grade 7 boys needed review on their English comprehension and grammar test. Afterwards were my 7th  grade  girls. We practiced some conversational English and then we reviewed “a,” “an,” and “some” from a worksheet.

February 27

I travelled from Netanya to Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where I taught two days at the Hand in Hand school and then on Wednesday I reversed the route to be ready to teach on Thursday at Tamar Ariel in Netanya. Friday morning I joined a coffee group, enjoyed the Promenade. Friday evening I joined friends for a Shabbat dinner.  Saturday morning I went to the synagogue and in the night I went to the Mall. I am in Israel and feeling Israeli!!

March 11

Also today, will be especially memorable —:: I was presented with a framed-typed letter of appreciation given to me by the teachers in front of the Principal of the school. I also received thank you notes from some of the students I worked with.

Whew, breathe — it was emotional.   THREE MORE DAYS to go before I head back for home!

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